7 Steps to a Serious Soul Detox

Do you ever feel like you just need a MASSIVE spiritual recharge? You know… those days where you’re spread SO thin. You’ve exhausted every ounce of positivity, you’ve spent all day holding space for people and things other than yourself. Maybe it was a long ass week at work, you have multiple jobs and have put in doubles and stayed up late just trying to make it all work. Or perhaps you’ve just come back from a long weekend or a trip home with family, and you’ve spent multiple days exerting yourself and time for someone else. Which is great, but can leave you feeling like you need a vacation after a vacation. I think we’ve all been there.

After coming back from an amazing wedding weekend trip with some of my best friends from high school, I left feeling totally depleted, sans alcohol. I had exhausted every ounce of my being just soaking in so much love, light, and amazing conversation. It’s crazy what 5 days of constant stimulation can do to your brain and body. Upon returning home, I immediately crashed for 12 hours then spent the next day doing everything I could to quickly restore my energies.

Whatever the case and however you’ve been left feeling energetically depleted…Here are the crash spiritual detox tips I came up with.

  1. REST. First and foremost. You won’t even begin to be able to process the next few things listed below if you don’t allow yourself some sleep. Drink some tea, take a little valerian, set up the ultimate sleep sanctuary for yourself and make resting your priority. Even if its just a nap.
  2. BE SELFISH WITH WHAT YOU ABSORB. Give your brain some time off from taking in so many external stimuli. Elect not to log onto Facebook when you wake up, don’t flip on the news,  do not to reach for your favorite morning podcast. Instead, flip your attention inward. Grab a pen and paper and just jot down whatever is on your mind. How are you feeling? What are you excited for? What are you stressed out about? Get it down on paper and make some space in your head to start processing and really relax.
  3. SHEILD YOURSELF FROM ANYONE ELSE’S AGENDA. You know when you’re working on something and someone calls/texts/emails/walks in the room and totally derails you from whatever it was you were doing because of their need. Don’t let them. Continue writing that email, checking things off your to do list, organizing the pantry, and get back to them when YOU’RE READY. Do you and let yourself do you without interruption. Nothing is truly that important, unless its an emergency, in which case I’m sure you can decipher between the 2. Ha.
  4. FILL YOUR PLATE WITH GREENS. Get your body some serious vitamins and minerals, and foliage and fiber to push the [literal] shit out. Healthy body, healthy soul. Highly recommend Be Well By Kelly’s Fab Four shake.
  5. BE ALONE. Soak in the sound of your own thoughts, find a place to meditate, go for a long walk, just be present with yourself for a little bit, be it 10 minutes, a few hours, or better yet a whole day.
  6. MAKE YOUR OWN DAY SPA. Give yourself a little love. In a perfect world I would suggest everyone spend the day soaking from bath to bath at Olympic Day Spa in Koreatown. Though, that’s just not feasible. Instead, throw some herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary,) a little apple cider vinegar, and 2 cups of epsom salts and enjoy a nice soak. Maybe throw on a face mask. Turn on some ambient sounds and chill the f— out. I specifically wrote ambient sounds- not a podcast or news source, see #1 above.
  7. MOVE. Get your blood moving and allow some of that new good energy to flow through you. Drop in on a gentle yoga class, enjoy a nice hike, throw on a pilates DVD or even just have a good old fashioned dance party in your living room. You should feel miles better by now.

Deep inhale, deep exhale. Isn’t that so much better?

Anything I may have left out? What works for you? Let me know!


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