My Hospital Bag

I can’t believe the countdown has significantly shrunk and the reality of our baby’s arrival is really setting in. People have been asking us if we’re ready and the answer is always “I think we are.” More or less. We have all the essentials she’ll need and then some. The carseat is installed, stroller is in the trunk, and yes, I have packed the hospital bag. Though, my husband still needs to pack his- since we’re still in the middle of a raging pandemic he won’t be able to leave the hospital. (Nope, not even for snacks and take out.)

One morning I woke up after having a dream I went into labor early and panicked. I scoured countless websites and blogs to find the best advice on what to pack in my hospital bag and ordered everything immediately. Some of the lists were a bit much in my opinion- like make up and hair straighter? That’s not really my style, but I think I found a solid round up of the necessities. This is where I landed and a full list of what’s in my bag so far:

  1. Delivery gown (bringing my own just sounded like it would be way more comfortable)
  2. Nursing PJs
  3. Slippers
  4. Flip flops (for the shower)
  5. Fuzzy socks
  6. Nursing bras
  7. Things to vibe out the hospital room for delivery:
    – Battery powered tea lights
    Lavender spray
    – Picture from my birthing class to cover the clock (& tape)
  8. Ear plugs
  9. Weighted eye mask to sleep
  10. Going home outfit (i.e. sweatsuit)
  11. FreidaMom postpartum underwear (I know they give you some in the hospital but still)
  12. Toiletries
    -toothbrush & paste
    -face soap & face oil/serum
    -dry shampoo
    -coconut oil
    -shampoo & conditioner
    HoneyPot postpartum pads
  13. Pillow (with an old pillowcase I don’t care about) & comfy blanket
  14. Things for baby:
    – 2 onesies
    1 footed sleeper to go home in
    Newborn hat
    Car seat (already installed)
  15. Phone charger
  16. SNACKS! (Covid times ya know)
    -coconut water (for electrolytes in delivery)
    -trail mix
    -granola & protein bars
    -apple sauce
    -fruit bars

Some people suggested bringing a laptop, I don’t really foresee us spending much time watching things, I have to imagine I’ll want to sleep in the down time but I’ll leave that to my husband to decide. Some other people suggested a “real camera” but we have nice iPhones what more do you really need? I’m feeling pretty confident in this bag. Am I forgetting anything vital? Let me know!

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