More Mushrooms

I think mushrooms are quite possibly the COOLEST fungi out there. I can’t get enough of them. I add it to my coffee, sprinkle some in my smoothies, sauté them with dinner, anyway I can possibly get more mushrooms, I will try it. Literally I feel like they are proof that we are all extraterrestrial. Mushrooms are THE life source. Nature’s internet, if you will (Stamets TEDTalk.) I mean all kinds of mushrooms. Reishi, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Portobello, Shiitake, Crimini, and even Psilocybin mushrooms, just to name a few. The research on the amazing benefits are endless- they’re even finding information that supports treatment and prevention of ALZHEIMER’S! I mean, are you listening yet??

I’ve begun to incorporate mushrooms a few different ways. I like to add Lions Mane to my coffee in the morning to help aid brain function. Lions Mane has so many other benefits as well- it helps repair nerve damage, helps relieve mild anxiety and depression, protects against dementia, is even good for the immune system. Read more about Lions Mane here. I’ve been using Rritual Superfoods for a few months now and have been loving their easy to use packets.


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If I’m planning on doing any physical activity I’ll also throw in a teaspoon of cordyceps. I’ve talked about cordyceps here before but just to recap they’re known for their powerful properties and have a multitude of benefits, such as improved immune function, better stamina and athletic performance.

Reishi is another amazing fungi I like to incorporate specifically for its calming effects and immune boosting powers. I LOVE a nice Four Sigmatics reishi hot cacao before bed. Read more about the benefits of reishi here.

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I’ve tried to sum up in my own words how amazing they are but I just can’t. My mind is only beginning to grasp the capacity of their powers. I’ll let Paul Stamets do the talking.

I know this is a super long episode (you can also find it on your podcast app) but SO worth listening to. Especially the last 20 minutes. My mind is just blown.

My point is… get more mushrooms in your diet. All of them.

Thoughts? Comments? Get at me.


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