I am a firm believer in the life changing properties of a good old fashioned bath. I believe you can cure nearly anything through the power of osmosis. In college we used to take “bath naps” to cure our hangovers, which in retrospect we were really just intuitively detoxing. In the winter I swear by mustard baths to help combat the common cold and other icky illnesses that arise during the colder months. Read more on my mustard bath diatribe here and here. Recently, the practice of adding apple cider vinegar to your bath routine has been surfacing on my radar. Upon more research I discovered I’ve really been missing out.

  1. Naturally nourishing. ACV is a natural source of minerals and B & C vitamins, proving to be nourishing to the skin and hair. It has also been known to soothe sunburned skin. 
  2. Source of good acids. We have so many elements working against us, chlorine in the tap water, smog in the air, we’re constantly surrounded by toxins be it in our food or environment, it’s easy for your skin’s PH levels to become out severely of WACK. Adding AVC to your bath helps balance and restore skin’s PH. It also helps kill bacteria and fungus aiding in preventing any skin ailments such as acne, warts, athletes foot, ect.
  3. Reduces muscle and joint pain. Because of the vitamins and minerals found in apple cider vinegar, studies have shown that soaking in an ACV bath has drastically reduced aches, pops, and cracks. WHO KNEW?

Are you sold yet? If not, you’ll come around soon enough. When you’re ready, here’s what you’ll need:

1/4 c- 1.5 cups* Unfiltered Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, with the mother.
Bath tub full of water as hot as you can stand.
*the amount you want to add is up to you, most recipes call for about a cup, because I add mustard salts I only use 1/4c. Experiment yourself here.

Bonus bath additions:
Dr. Singhs Mustard Bath
Epsom Salts
Lavender essential oil

Anyone else have any amazing detox bath tips? Let me know.




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