4 Health Podcasts You Should Know

photo via HRBCHDR.com

I’ve been on a real podcast kick lately, listening to them, talking about them, thinking about creating one. Though, thats a conversation for another day. I’ve been really jamming on a few killer episodes I’ve stumbled upon, whether it be via search for “holistic” episodes, or via recommendations on my incredibly interesting friends. As I was compiling a list for my mother this morning, I realized, everyone needed to hear these particular episodes. Well, everyone who happens to be into the same nerdy holistic living/eating/beauty things as I am.



Episode 44: Deciphering Your Hormones
I had a few major “A-HA” moments listening to this episode, it explained so much about my teenage and adult years. All women must listen.


Episode 21: Kelly LeVeque on Ketogenic Diet
This totally helped me understand WTF this keto craze is, and its not what I thought at all. Also, I eat too much sugar. Debating if this is a reset I should maybe try? Meh.


Episode 189: Ultimate Beauty Routine
My manager told me about this one, thanks Jacey! I kind of love all their topics, but these little Friday shorts are my favorite when I have just a bit of time. Quality info.


Episode 37: Glowing Skin At Any Age
I LOVE this episode and her interview with “the Spa doctor.” Im so concerned about the PH in my products, this could be life changing for my skin this winter. Also, once again, I eat too much sugar and TURNS out sugar is awful for collagen. You all know how I feel about collagen.

Thoughts, comments? Podcasts you want to share? TELL ME.

Until next time.


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