On My Mind #3

On my mind this week, Friday August 4th…

HOW is it already the end of August? Honestly where did the summer go… I’m sitting here registering for classes next semester and planning the last few of my summer days. The days just seem to fly by faster and faster. ANY WAY. I changed the name of this little “weekly” update post theme I started- I feel like “On My Mind” has a bit more depth and also accurately summarizes my intention of this little… download? If you will. Here’s all the things extra present on my mind right now.

PODCASTING. I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile now… My friend came to me with an idea and ya know, I just think we should pursue it. Stay tuned on that one.

However, on that note, I have been listening to a SLEW, yes, a slew. Of new podcasts. I’ve talked about S-Town on insta, but if you missed that one, you MUST listen to S-Town. It was so interesting, to pull back the layers of this man’s life in Alabama. I just can’t even being to explain in a way that does the show justice. Just, listen to it for yourself.

Listen Here.

After I finished S-Town, naturally I went over to serial and started listening from their season 1. So intense. I can only listen to an episode or 2 at a time before I become sad and overwhelmed with our twisted judicial system. If you’re into mysteries and investigation tales, you’ll love Serial.

Listen to SERIAL here. 

“From the Heart: Conversations with YogaGirl” is another one I’ve had in my rotation. I love the way Rachel Brathen speaks, her voice is so soothing and I do feel like I’m listening to a friend. Every time I listen to one of her episodes I feel like I have just received messages from the universe, her words and message always seems to ring true and resonate deeply. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Listen to YogaGirl here.

ALSO ON MY PODCAST RADAR RIGHT NOW: The Paleo Women, My Favorite Murder, Your Mom’s House, The Joe Rogan Experience— have a podcast recc?? SEND IT MY WAY. I will always try to listen.

DOCUMENTARIES. Moving on with my brain dump here I have been on a documentary circuit lately. Let’s start with the movie on everyones mind right now…

WHAT THE HEALTH. I know. I know. Vegan propaganda FOR SURE. Although they do bring up a good amount of awareness and issues within the Food Industry & Government. Magnified? Yes. 100%. Should you never eat meat again? Well… that’s kind of personal, maybe it works for you maybe it doesn’t. However I believe in eating meat. I have been SERIOUSLY limiting the amount of meat we eat, and if it isn’t from one of my trusted poultry sources (read: Mary’s Organic) Then I will probably opt to go veg for the day/night. Been experimenting with a lot of plant based foods as of late and I have to say, killing the game. I’ll post about this new plant based life once I fully feel like I have a grip of what I’m doing.

THE DEFIANT ONES. Finished this the second day it was out. Holy shit. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine really make you feel like you are not doing nearly enough with your life, and at the same time are SO FUCKING INSPIRING. I have so much respect for these 2 individuals as artists, entrepreneurs, and people. Allen Hughes (director) is the freakin man, what a production! Stop reading and go watch… NOW.


That’s about it for this week. Anything I should add to my podcast list? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time!



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