On My Mind #1

One of my favorite bloggers as of late (mentioned below) recently inspired me to start a recap/round up of my latest obsessions, which, lets be honest, change weekly.  My husband will even joke about the “new kicks” I’m on, always verifying if we do- or do not do- certain practices anymore.

On that note, Lacy Phillips of – –  Free + Native – – has a kick ass blog and is kinda sorta goals. I love her holistic advice and her foodie ways. Looking at attempting the- –  kitchari cleanse – -she posted about not too long ago.

Four Sigmatic – – mushroom powders. I’m working on my own post about adaptogens and brain tonics and the crazy herbs I’m always ingesting. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out their site and educate yourself on the mushroom goodness.

Jayse and I have been making this- – super easy crockpot chicken recipe.- – I decided buying whole organic chickens was the most cost effective when it comes to buying high quality poultry. Not to mention I’ve been throwing the carcass back into the crockpot right after, filling with water, and simmering for another 24 hours for the most delicious bone broth.

Thats it for now. What are you loving this week?

Let me know!

xx, CBB.


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