Early Pregnancy Guide

Turns out early pregnancy is much like being hungover. Nauseas. Tired. You’re starving but nothing sounds good, or you get 2 bites in and you can’t even look at your food. Nothing wants to digest and not to mention the constipation is very real. Actually *to mention* that one, because no one warned me about how much progesterone slows down your digestive system.

Navigating this all has been a learning curve to say the least. I’m so grateful I’ve had so many mom friends to help guide me, along with a few books and the internet (though, the internet can also be terrifying.) As I write, I’m 11 weeks. I have yet to see my OBGYN because of COVID and when I do finally talk to her it will be on the phone.. in 3 more weeks. I’ve seen the NP for my 8 week scan to see the heartbeat and have consulted basically every friend with kids. I am also supremely lucky because (no surprise, thank you quarantine) a good amount of my girlfriends are also pregnant.

With that, this is everything that has helped me so far. Perhaps you’re trying to get pregnant, or also have a good amount of friends who are- bookmark this post for future reference or as a gift guide for the soon to be mama- especially if they’ve shared the news with you before that 12 week mark.

Things that helped:

Prenatal Vitamins and Prenatal Probiotics

I won’t lie even before we conceived I had tried a bunch of different prenatal vitamins. I’ve always loved the Garden of Life brand, and though it can be a bit more expensive I found its been the best. The Raw Prenatal you do need to take 3x a day, which admittedly can be a bit annoying to remember but I feel like I am actually getting the supplements I need. The probiotic is a once a day deal- and let me tell you, if you suffer from the aforementioned digestive system slow down you definitely want to incorporate a probiotic. The Prenatals do have some things to help with digestion, but if I’m really feeling backed up I’ll add a probiotic.

Morning Ease
I love Traditional Medicinals so much. I keep these handy in all my bags and next to my bed. Love when the nausea decides to kick in at 2am. Between these, the sea-bands, and good old fashioned ginger ale I would eventually be able to find some relief to at least get back to sleep.

Sea Bands

I love acupuncture and continued to see my acupuncturist through the first few month which greatly helped with nausea… for a few days. These bands seemed like a good solution for the in between. I’d wear them at night to help with the indigestion and mostly through the night (since my nausea kicked in around 2am.) Some people told me they didn’t help them but for me, they were a lifesaver. They’re only $5-$8 dollars so you really don’t have all that much to lose to try them. 

Peaceful Mamma Tea
I found getting to sleep wasn’t nearly as easy as it used to be and suddenly none of my teas were safe without consulting a doctor. Cool. Quickly ordered a few brands that were safe and this was one of my favorites. Along with that this has been another helpful evening sleep aid, pregnancy approved, and coincidentally helps with that whole digestive issue thing.

Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium

Books to get:

The Mama Natural

I ordered a few books in the beginning. This has by far been the most helpful. While it is grounded in natural everything it’s not overwhelming. I also ordered Better Baby by Dave Asprey- Bullet Proof Coffee guy- and was terrified. Information overload. Another I ordered early on was the classic What to Expect and it just pissed me off. I truly felt like this is a good balance and weighs both sides. I love the idea of doing things as natural as possible but I also like to know what my options are. This is, in fact, MY birth.

We’re Pregnant! First time Dad’s Guide
Don’t leave the partners out! My husband asked me some questions early on that made me realize he needs a resource of his own too. This one is a great comprehensive guide that is also not too overwhelming. It breaks everything down by week and keeps me from having to answer a lot of questions AND from having to ask for a little extra help around the house. I came home one day and my husband proudly announced that he had learned a new term. “Mucus Plug.” Well… at least I didn’t have to explain it.

I feel like that is a solid round up to get everyone started. Feel free to reach out with questions and comments- you can always DM me @lindsayweee and I promise to respond. Expecting? What helped you in the first tri?

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