2020 Updates

Hi, hey, hello!  I am long overdue for an update on here. I logged in to write a little bit ago and technology decided it wanted to fail me. I was really hoping I’d find a draft sitting in here as I can’t now for the life of me remember what I was inspired to write about. So much has happened since I last logged in. I found out some hard hitting information, that while for the good, definitely threw me for an emotional loop. We moved! Still in Los Angeles, but instead of living super far east near Pasadena, we’re in Koreatown/East Hollywood area. I absolutely love our new place and neighborhood. But, did you know moving is as stressful, as far as cortisol levels go, as losing a loved one? It’s true. I get it too, it’s taken awhile to feel settled. As I write I still don’t have my office together, but I’ve put it together enough today and have managed to vibe it out to sit here and write a post.

While we moved back in October, we immediately got sick right after. Too much take out, not enough sleep, breathing in dust that had settled over the years, and not to mention I didn’t have access to all my goodies- having all my vitamins packed away and all. In total it made for a deadly combo to our immune systems. I think by November we had unpacked most of our things, and by the holidays we were ready to host a house warming. The holidays flew by, work consumed me, that week of vacation I imagined was going to be so productive- you know that week between Christmas and New Years where you forget what day it is? Well, I was so exhausted I spent most of that time becoming one with the couch. I regret nothing. January posed to be pretty stressful in itself. I got in a car accident, that luckily was not my fault, everyone was okay, and covered by insurance. Still, just annoying. It wasn’t until mid-month that I felt that “New Year Renewal.” Then, I guess that brings us to now- finally feeling settled, restored, and grounded. At least, I think I am?

What’s new for this year?


I don’t have any resolutions. I hope to read 25 books this year. It’s the end of February and I should be finishing up my fourth book but really just wrapped up my second this morning. On a big memoir kick- just finished “The Bucolic Plague” by my beloved Josh Kilmer Purcell and before that “How to Murder Your Life” by Cat Marnell. I’ll keep you updated on this goal. I have no doubt I’ll catch up soon.

I can’t stop making shredded chicken in the InstantPot. It’s so easy and so freaking delicious. I also can’t stop using it in 365 brand Asian Inspired salad mix. Try it. Think a more nutritionally dense Jones on 3rd, especially if you add some baby spinach.

While we’re on the topic of food I’m also on a big non dairy grilled cheese kick, on sourdough with spinach and sauerkraut- don’t thank me, thank Madison (@themadisonrae.)

I’m a big fan of Kristen Ess hair products and Versed skin care lately. People continue to tell me how salon quality my hair looks, when I do it, and how glow-y my skin has been looking. It’s a tough life I live. (Both can be found at Target.) So far these are my faves:

The Signature Shampoo
The Purple Conditioner

Keep it Supple
Stroke of Brilliance 

What else, what else? I don’t really have much. We’re taking a trip to Seattle in a few weeks. My husband has never been to the PNW and I can’t wait to see a few of my best friends. I’m also getting ready to head to the Natural Products Expo West again this year and am pretty stoked to see what’s new for 2020. Stay tuned for content from the show here in March. Anyway, I think that’s it for this little update. Anything you’d like to see? Let me know. Otherwise follow along on Instagram for more by the second updates.

Until later,



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