“Life is what you BAKE it” -STKU

During our 21-day- ‘Whole Detox’ I found myself bookmarking more food than ever on Instagram- from cookie skillets to sweet and spicy tacos, you name it.  I couldn’t stop thinking about this one particular recipe, I even woke up at 7am the first day post cleanse and started to prepare the sweet potato for Jeanette Ogden’s “Sweet Potato Snacking Bread.”


Sweet Potato Snackin’ Bread (the recipe is in the caption.)

Safe to say it DID NOT disappoint. The instructions say this will last ya 2 days… HA. That baby was gone before dinner. I swear you’ll be dreaming about this bread too, try it out.

One of the great things about this cleanse was it truly made me appreciate food again- both eating it and preparing it. So much that I’ve been inspired to experiment in the kitchen again. That being said, I pulled up a few of my favorite recipes…


Panko Baked Avocado Tacos


Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookies


Paleo Cassava Flour Tortillas


Whole Chicken In a Slow Cooker


Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Have a favorite healthy recipe? Send it my way! I can’t wait to experiment with some of my new finds- I’ll keep you posted on how they go.

Try any of the above? Tell me about it.

Until next time…



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