Finding Seasonal Allergy Relief

I love spring, the warmer breeze, the electricity of summer just around the corner… Unfortunately this beautiful season also comes with consequences for my sinuses. Hay fever has begun to set in over here and for the first time in years (knock on wood) I finally feel like I have somewhat of a grip on my allergy relief. In years previous my allergies would get so bad I would be completely smell blind for days on end. Without smell I had no taste, without taste food had no joy, without food life had no purpose. Suffice to say it was a miserable first year adjusting to the air in LA. On that note, here are my top four saving graces.


To be honest I started taking nettle and drinking nettle infusions back in Feburary. I read somewhere that the vitamin D content was so good for your hair and skin. It wasn’t until I was scooping some dried nettle out of the bulk container when a woman walked by and said “It’s about that season for nettle!” That I remember it’s allergy relief properties. I then also realized that after 2 days without taking my nettle that my allergies started to kick in- sneezy, itchy eyes, swollen sinuses… the works. Now I’m careful to make sure I don’t go a 24hr period without popping a couple nettle capsules.

How it works:
Nettle actually BLOCKS the body’s ability to produce histamines. Literally more beneficial than any over the counter allergy relief (as things like benadryl only pretend to be a histamine and attach to the allergen tricking the cell and preventing a reaction.)

Take 2 capsules daily or make a tea with 1TBLSP dried nettle leaf. You can also find premade individual Nettle tea packets at your local health food store.

Bee Pollen or Raw Honey

In my personal experience a spoonful of bee pollen has done wonders. Not to mention it’s also a beauty superfood so you can’t really lose either way.

How it works:
Consuming LOCAL raw honey or bee pollen is supposed to help your body adapt to the allergens in the area. Local being the operative word here. There isn’t a ton of science to back this up but there isn’t much that disproves it either.

Cruise your local farmers market for raw honey and bee pollen- if not your neighborhood health food store should be able to help you- again make sure its LOCAL.Simply take a spoonful in the morning and get on your merry (hopefully allergy free) way.
More on Bee Pollen here.

Neti Pot
Washing your nostrils is HUGE when the little particles of allergens can settle in your mucus and continue to irritate your sinuses. Washing your sinuses regularly with a neti pot can help to flush out those pesky invaders. This is also great for anyone who is prone to sinus infections like myself- keep those lines clear to prevent any kind of build. I started to write out instructs to make your own wash and then I found this website. I feel like this is far better than I could ever breakdown. Check out more info on Neti Pots + Washes.

Good Old Apple Cider Vinegar
What isn’t ACV good for? Dr. Axe suggests that at the first sign of an allergy attack you can put a spoonful of ACV in your neti pot to relieve symptoms. Drinking one tablespoon in the morning with hot water has also been known to prevent allergy attacks.

How it works:
“Apple cider vinegar contains a number of beneficial compounds including acetic and malic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and several others. These nutrients function to balance the body’s natural pH to prevent ill-health and to remedy such issues as allergies and other seasonal disorders. The nutrients it contains also boost the immune system and functioning.” – Earth Clinic

Simply combine 1-3 tablespoons ACV with warm water, and perhaps a little of that local honey from above.

More on ACV here.

Want more info? Check out these articles:
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What’s been working for you? Any tips or ticks I may have missed? Let me know, I’d love to discuss more. Hope this helps you too find some sort of relief. 

Happy Hay Fever Free Trails,


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