4 Podcasts You Should Know: pt 2

If you’re in my inner circle I’ve probably sent you these episodes, perhaps repeatedly. What can I say? I love sharing tips and tricks that may impact the people I care about in major ways. Consider this an extension of my inner circle here, welcome.

Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1035- Featuring Paul Stamets.

I know, I’m obsessed, you can read more about my Paul Stamets obsession here. 

MindBodyGreen featuring Shaman Durek

If you don’t instantly feel at peace just looking into Shaman Durek’s eyes than you probably have no soul. Im not kidding. In this episode he goes in depth with his experience with death and let me tell you- it is BADASS. I am suddenly so unafraid of dying. Excited, even, take that in a morbid way if you want, or just listen to Mr. Durek explain it all. (Oh my god as I type here Shaman Durek just told me he loved me during his live podcast and I’m screaming inside.)
Find the episode here, #37.

Soul on Fire with Jordan Younger featuring Debra Silverman & Trevor Hall 

The combination of 3 amazing souls in this one episode is amazing- if you don’t love Trevor Hall already I highly suggest you start listening like… meow. His sound is just so soothing, so lovely & truly reflects the beautiful soul in which his body encompasses.  Super cool to hear how connected to the cosmos he is as well, Debra Silverman’s insights were so interesting- while this episode is now a little dated, some of us have already moved out of our return… but SO interesting to those embarking into the end of their return and how to harness that energy. DEFINITELY worth listening.

[SIDE NOTE: So VERY excited to be attending an event with Shaman Durek and Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde on Tuesday 3.13 at the Grove- join me!! The event is listed here.]

Rewilding for Women- Episode 18- Finding Your Life Purpose


My dear friend told me about this episode over the summer. I love the idea of “following the threads.” Im so guilty of talking myself out of an idea because I think of all the reasons Im at point A and can’t get to point E, F, or G. The truth is you just need to follow the threads to point a, then b- eventually you will get to the right point G but in the meantime, enjoy the process of finding your path via threads. Anyone struggling with their purpose- give this a listen.

Find it here, Episode 18. 

What are you listening to right now? Anything resonating so deep you want to share? Let me know!



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