Super Easy Detox Tips

EDIT: 10/10/2017

Do you ever have those weekends when you over indulge? Perhaps on a vacation, or just an extra fun couple of days enjoying the finer things of life. Me too. We are only human right? There are a few steps I take to getting my body back on track. Originally this post was written as a post Vegas Detox turned post Thanksgiving, but really you can take these detoxing precautions anytime you’re feeling extra BLEH. So if you’re feeling the drag of your weekend, fear not, take a little turmeric, drink a few juices, relax in a detoxing bath, you will be back to normal by tomorrow, I swear!

  1. Turmeric/Turmeric Milk
    Have I mentioned how freaking amazing turmeric is? It is. I mean lets be real people wouldn’t have been using this miracle spice if it hasn’t been working MIRACLES for centuries now. Lets do a quick recap on how beneficial turmeric is- reduces inflammation, inflammation leads to illness, illness leads to disease- do I really need to say more? It helps boost your immune system. It also increases the antioxidant capacity of the body… uh who doesn’t want that? Improves organ functions specifically your heart and brain. Some studies even suggest it can aid in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimers, arthritis and even cancer. Are you sold yet? You should be. Pro tip: take turmeric capsules with a couple peppercorns to encourage absorption. Another one of my favorite ways to invest turmeric is Golden Turmeric Milk. I’ll sip it warm in the evening or add it to my coffee in the morning.
  2. Pukka Detox & Cleanse Tea’s
    Make myself a nice hot cup of tea. I absolutely love the Detox tea by Pukka. The flavors are so subtle and refreshing. I’ve had detox tea’s that either smell weird or make you feel funky… Pukka is NONE of that.
    Pukka’s site and teas

  3. Dr. Singh’s Epsom Mustard Bath
    A good friend turned me on to this magical bath powder back in February. The first time I used it about 20 minutes into my bath I started to feel real strange and hot. I found out later that the mustard bath mixture helps to push the toxins out of your skin. The instructions suggest bathing before bedtime, with good reason. You will feel weird, wonky, and potentially hungover again from Dr. Singh’s healing powers.
  4. Hydrating face mask
    I love a good sheet mask, especially after traveling. The dry air in Phoenix really does a number on my skin. Literally my hands are cracking and bleeding Both Ulta and Sephora have some really great masks to try. My personal favorite is the Pomegranate Anti- Fatigue and Energizing mask. It really does bring your skin back to life. If your skin is craving a detox as well try a nice charcoal mask, or my BELOVED India Clay Mask. (We’ll talk masks another day.)
    Sephora’s Sheet Masks

  5. Activated Charcoal 
    The activated charcoal acts as a sponge and absorbs all the toxins before flushing them out. Be warned you will pee like a race horse but trust me when I say it works.
    More on Activated Charcoal

  6. Pressed Juicery 1 Day Cleanse 
    I picked up 6 juices from Pressed for the day plus chlorophyll and aloe water to supplement. There a TON of different juiceries and recipes that offer similar cleanses that are equally awesome, I just happen to prefer Pressed, nor do I have my own juicer… yet. The process is pretty easy- you consume a juice every 2 hours and can snack on almonds, raw cucumber slices, and raw carrot sticks through out the day.
    Disclaimer: I will never do a juice cleanse to lose weight, simply to detox, curb sugar cravings, and reset my digestive tract.Pressed Cleanses

  7. Old Fashioned H2o
    Drink. All. The. Water. This is actually my life motto. My friends aunt once referred to me as “the thirsty one” in regards to my water consumption. Hey, no shame in being all about that jug life. I won’t go into how important it is to stay hydrated or how much water you should be drinking (Google it) but I will say especially if you’re trying to detox theres no better way to keep everything moving than to chug chug chug.
    More on water.

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