DIY Wine Box Garden

I’ve never been a gardener. Although, I’ve never really had the opportunity to try my hand at gardening in my adult life seeing as I’ve never really had access to my own yard. As a renter it seems so silly to invest money in a garden you will have to leave. Which got me thinking… what if I could take my garden with me? The wine box garden is the answer!

You will need:
– 1 wooden wine box
-1 can of stain (optional)
-1 can of waterproofing spray
-1 bag of organic soil
-1 bag of organic/pet friendly fertilizer
-variety of herbs or succulents (depending on size of box)
[for indoor boxes only]
-trash bag

Once you’ve found the perfect wine box you’ll need to waterproof it. I followed the instructions on the can of waterproofing spray I bought at Home Depot. Im sure most instructions are similar- two/three coats, let dry 24 hours before planted.

Once dry, fill the box with soil, be sure to mix about 1/2 cup of fertilizer in before planting. Be sure¬†fertilizer is evenly mixed and then plant your herbs accordingly, leaving enough space in between so the roots don’t crowd each other.

Voila! You have yourself a pretty little herb box to enjoy whenever you choose!

I’ve found the wine box gardens work best if you are able to water them on a balcony or patio so they can drain properly. If thats not an option, an indoor garden box is still possible, I would just recommend planting succulents instead. When making an indoor box, be sure to line the box completely with a trash bag (coming up to just about an inch below the top of the dirt level) before filling with soil.

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