Goals for 2017

I used to be able to keep my resolutions simple. Eat healthy, save money, read more, get organized. Those two worded ideals didn’t seem to be enough. Not specific enough and not nearly challenging enough. The last few years I have been breaking my New Year’s goals into smaller categories of each aspect I want to focus on.

In hopes that announcing my goals to the world will help to keep me accountable, here we go…

– Finish 12 books. 1/month
-Travel more internationally
-Buy new car
– Live clean (i.e. no chemicals in ANYTHING- soap, shampoos, cleaners, softeners etc)

-Find emotional balance through food
-Get more cardio- strictly for heart health not weight loss
– Finish hiking the SoCal 6 Pack
– Hike a 14er
– Do more yoga

– Continue to build consulting clients
– Kick ass in school
– Continue to pursue outside education and workshops that help me advance

– Make new friends
– Approach people with love first
– Seek to understand
– less criticizing
– more gratitude


For me, this is like the beginning of an essay. This is just my outline. Every month, every week, every day even- I make more lists of specific tasks I need to achieve to make these happen. This just works for me.

What are some things you’re doing to keep track of your goals? Questions or comments? Let me know!





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