Start Your Resolutions Now

Don’t wait until New Years Eve to set your pawns in motion to make big things happen for you in 2017. Seriously don’t. We often get into this pattern where we feel like we need to wait for one thing to be able to change another thing. You don’t. No magical spell will be cast on you at the strike of midnight that is going to make reaching your goals suck less. You wan’t to do more of something, less of something, quit a bad habit, eat more greens, less sweets- do it. Tomorrow. I promise you’ll feel so much better ringing in the New Year ahead of the game.

That all being said… what ARE your resolutions? I’ll be honest… I don’t love the word resolution. While I do resolve to do a lot of things better next year I prefer to set goals. I feel like resolutions have somewhat of a condemning connotation. Almost as if I am punishing myself for something I did “bad” over the course of the last twelve months. Using the word “goals” reminds me to keep looking ahead. Have you ever been in a yoga class when you can’t do something like the rest of the students and then the instructor reminds you to make a mental note of that feeling and where you are in your practice. It’s just like that. Let’s make mental notes of where we are in our practice of life and set intentions that keep us moving forward.

On that note… I am off to shift my focus inward and reflect on this last year, my previous goals, and dreams for 2017.


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