Don’t Get Sick!

Judging by my news feed the last week it’s safe to say the seasons have officially changed seasons across the country. It has even been rainy and dropping below sisty degrees here in Los Angeles. (Eye roll, I know.)

With all the holiday travel and extra hours at work to finish up projects before the end of the year its SO important to take care of your immune system. Last winter I’m pretty sure I got sick once every 2 week last year until I started listening to my body and loading up on a few key things. If you tune into to that tickle or extra draggy feeling I know you too can nip the sickness before it takes you down entirely.

  1. Turmeric/Turmeric Milk
    Have I mentioned how freaking amazing turmeric is? It is. I mean lets be real people wouldn’t have been using this miracle spice if it hasn’t been working MIRACLES for centuries now. Lets do a quick recap on how beneficial turmeric is- reduces inflammation, inflammation leads to illness, illness leads to disease- do I really need to say more? It helps boost your immune system. It also increases the antioxidant capacity of the body… uh who doesn’t want that? Improves organ functions specifically your heart and brain. Some studies even suggest it can aid in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimers, arthritis and even cancer. Are you sold yet? You should be. Pro tip: take turmeric capsules with a couple peppercorns to encourage absorption. Another one of my favorite ways to invest turmeric is Golden Turmeric Milk. I’ll sip it warm in the evening or add it to my coffee in the morning.

  2. Bone broth
    I just recently started drinking bone broth when I feel that tickle in the back of my throat. I work with children and they are constantly sharing their germs. Bone broth has been my SAVIOR. Its rich in minerals that help support the immune system. It helps reduce inflammation in your intestine, aid in detoxifying your body, and has even been shown to improve brain function. Why haven’t I been drinking this sooner?? Pro tip: Have your broth with a raw spinach salad on the side. You’re welcome.Image via Pinterest- view full recipe. 
  3. Ginger
    I feel like people are pretty familiar with the benefits of ginger, I mean, we all grew up drinking ginger ale when we were home sick from school, and quite frankly still do. Ginger basically as all the similar benefits as mentioned above. The main bioactive substance in ginger, ginger, has been known to help lower the risks of infections and stop the growth of various types of bacteria. Bottom line? Get more ginger.
  4. Vitamin D
    Its no coincidence we’re just so darn happy out here in California (err Souther California should I say?) All this darn sunshine! Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin. Scientists have found that vitamin D also helps in fighting disease and depression. Feeling a little extra bummed out this winter? I highly recommend adding vitamin D supplements to your rotation and the second you feel that tickle don’t be afraid to boost your dosage!
  5. Dr. Singh’s Mustard Epsom Bath
    Take the hottest mustard bath you can stand, I’m serious! I am obsessed with this magical powder. So much so that this is not the first time I have raved about Dr. Singhs.Read up on the benefits here. 

  6. Colloidal Silver
    Colloidal Silver is basically the original antibiotic AND has the ability to control western antibiotic-resistant virus’. Again, colloidal silver is an antibacterial and is know for being an anti inflammatory. It aids with treating pink eye, ear infections, cold, flu. sinus infections and even pneumonia.Image via Pinterest. 

  7. Netti Pot
    Netti pots are great to flush out your sinus’ with salt water and removes any bacteria that could be stuck up there ready to make you sick. There are a few different washes that combine various essential oils that I prefer when I’m really starting to feel ill. This is my favorite.Image via @Pinterest 
  8. Traditional Medicinal Teas
    My husband and I just swear by these teas. When we start to feel sick I turn to Throat Coat and Echinacea Plus. If the sickness really sets in we love Gypsy Gold Care and Breathe Right.
  9. Sleep
    Seems so trivial right? Get. More. Sleep. I know it’s hard when you have SO many projects going on, but putting one or 2 things on tomorrow’s to do list and saying no to that social engagement will ensure you’re not missing DAYS of productivity instead. I know, being an adult is so hard. Pro tip: go to bed early wearing ALL the layers. Sweat it out. I won’t lie I have totally gone to bed wearing a trash bag under 3 sweatshirts, it was a little intense. But, It really worked!
  10. Good old fashioned WATER.Seriously drink all the liquids. Flush those dirty infections toxins OUT. Water, water, water, water. All day, every day, anyway! Add honey, add lemon. Drink it up.

Did I miss any key remedies? Let me know below.


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