Combat Dry Winter Skin

As the days have been getting cooler and we’ve official settled in for the holiday season I’ve noticed my skin is also going through a change… The drier air is beginning to take a toll on my pretty little face so I pulled out all my favorite remedies during these winter months.

1. Andalou Rose Water Mask

I discovered this mask last winter when I was so desperate for moisture that a) worked and b) didn’t irritate or have fragrances. I’ll use this after the shower for 10 minutes or at night for about 30mins to an hour to moisturize deeper.

2. Rose water mist

Rose is awesome when it comes to moisturizing. I love having rose water handy with me all day in case I need a little spritz. Spritz after the shower, your morning mask, or mid day for a refresh. Mario Badescu makes a super nice herbal blend that is great even year round. If you’re looking for a little extra moisture try Rose Water with Glycerin– although this one I’m a little more hesistant to use under or over my makeup, this is more of a night spritzer for me.

3. Homemade organic aromatherapy oil blend.

Essential oils are sooo good for… literally everything. My mom has been making me this blend of oils specifically for my skin. She combines jojoba oil and drops of various different oils based on my skins needs. Currently I’m using a blend of carrot seed, lavender, frankincense, rose, neroli, and myrrh.

What are you using to combat winter skin? I’m always open to new remedies.

Happy Friday!


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